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Connecting people with processes and technology to foster innovation. We think of innovation as a tool to transcend.

About Itesa

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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" Michael Jordan

  • Digital Transformation

    We design and develop amazing digital products that will help you to transform your business, become part of this digital era and face whatever challenge tomorrow may bring.

  • Tech Innovation

    Being robotic and electronics wizards we wanted to step up and take them to the next level. For us, these are tools to achieve the impossible and make outstanding products.

360° Projects

We merged our two areas of expertise and the result is pure innovation. Hardware & software, software & hardware, whatever order you prefer. We integrate both to create incredible things.

why itesa

In Itesa we know about technology. But most important, we always want to know more

Disruption takes place when the right technology is driven with the correct process and by the adequate people.

3D Printers / Router / CNC




Web & Mobile Apps

Education 2.0

Product Thinking



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We treat each new client as a new challenge.

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People are our main asset.

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